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Buy unique products like our drone adventure book, drone safety song for kids, exclusive prints and merch. Your purchase supports our commitment to education.

At Bendigo Aerial, we are grateful to be given this opportunity to work in the drone industry and be successful in what we do. Our main income is from commercial drone operations and providing aerial photography and video services.

We also offer a drone adventure book, a drone safety song for kids and unique prints and merchandise to support our educational programs. The proceeds from these sales go towards funding our education initiatives, printing and distributing free books to schools providing free aerial work for not-for-profit organisations and backing our chosen charities.

Your purchase allows us to make a positive impact on our community

When you buy directly from Bendigo Aerial, you're not only supporting our local businesses but also helping us contribute to local charities, purchasing more books for primary schools, and supporting early educators who share our passion for drones.

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  • Song and digital downloads are available instantly
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Thank you for choosing to support our small business!

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